Six things you should quit doing to be more successful


Yesterday was a good day! There’s something exciting coming up that I don’t want to reveal yet, but with this I can take Crush to the next level! I’m so glad that I continued with Crush on my own. Besides that blogging is my hobby and passion, I’m simply not a quitter. After all, a quitter never wins. However, the following things you should quit doing if you want to become more successful:

Quit stopping – Because the more you stop and think about quitting, the longer it will take to get your desired result.

Quit saying tomorrow – Stop delaying or procrastinating around something! It means that you’re either scared to start or you want it for the wrong reasons.

Quit being a victim – You have a choice in everything you do. If you’re choosing to remain in a place that isn’t positive, you’re victimizing yourself.

Quit saying yes to everything - You may just need to analyze when you’re saying yes and what you’re trading for it. You might find yourself saying yes to things you don’t even care about and no to things that could make your life better in some way.

Quit expecting – Don’t expect others to read your mind. They’ll only know what you need when you tell them. If you don’t speak up, youre leaving the translation up to them.

Quit avoiding – Suck it up. We all have things that we don’t want to do, but that need to be done. But hey, that’s life: you take all or you take none.

(Source: Molly Cain, ‘Six things you should quit doing to be more succesful’, http://www.forbes.com/sites/glassheel/2013/10/01/6-things-you-should-quit-to-be-more-successful/, image via Cindy Chen, instagram: @mrpaddingtonbear).




Festival inspiration

Festivalinspiration  Festivalinspiration3 Festivalinspiration4

Like every year I’m really looking forward to the festival season. This Saturday I have my first festival of the year: S Oranje in Rotterdam on Kingsday! I took a break from work this week so I have plenty of time to look for the ultimate festival outfit. Unfortunately, the weather is not as great here as at the Coachella festival, but I love to get inspired by the Coachella outfits…Check the blog later this week to see what I wore at the festival!

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Know your worth

012 001

Although I feel quite sick today, I just received some interesting news that made my day. I’m not a vindictive person, but it gives me satisfaction knowing that my ex has worked himself into trouble (again). This is another confirmation for me that I can do so much better without him. Nowadays I don’t settle for less. For a young, single and high-educated woman it’s hard to find the right guy though. Most of my single friends confirm this: men are already taken, are cheaters, have issues or have all of the aforementioned. However, I don’t think that we should try too hard to search for love. Whatever happens, happens. Until then: be fabulous and know your worth!


  • Jacket, platform sneakers – H&M
  • Grey skinny jeans – Vanillia
  • Jumper – Zara


Photos by Jonathan 




Music is my escape #2


A while ago I was dating a guy who had a totally different taste in music than me. No matter how cute he was, this was a difficult issue for me. I mean, what’s better than to listen to and dance on music that you both love? I’m going crazy over good hiphop and r&b (but also techno every now and then) so it doesn’t really work for me if the other detests this kind of music and instead loves to listen to hardrock. Back in the days (when Destiny’s Child were still kicking it) I already figured out that Bee and I could have been the best of friends. That’s why I’m so so so glad that my lovely crazy friends have the same taste in music as I have! Regularly we all go totally ba-na-nas (including twerking) on the best hiphip and r&b tunes to escape the working life. Last month my friends brought me to the party ’I Love Popcake’ with the theme ‘Destiny’s Child vs. Pussycat Dolls’. One of the great benefits of going to a gay party is that you can grind around without being bothered by annoying hetero guys (although sometimes you can’t avoid of getting harrassed by an unhinged gay). Can’t wait ’till our next party!




Office inspiration

office inspiration3 office inspiration4 office inspiration

I don’t have a job where I can work from home easily, but if I had I would decorate my office like this…Which one is your favorite?

Source: www.pinterest.com